Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Miraculous Microplane

Do you have a Microplane Zester? No? Grab your keys, go to the store and buy one right now!

....Alright, you're back and you didn't forget about me. Awesome! You've made a great investment. You'll be able to zest citrus to level that is probably unprecedented with your old measly grater. But in all seriousness, you really should get one - especially if you are a fan of parmesan or other hard cheeses. It may sound crazy, but parmesan tastes totally different when you grate it yourself versus when you buy it pre-grated. You only have to do it yourself once, and you'll be hooked. They're a little pricy (I think around $17), but totally worth it.
But those of you who are already Microplane converts may be interested to know that this favored kitchen tool was initially made for something a bit different: woodworking. Yep, initially the Microplane was meant to be mounted on a hacksaw. Suddenly the demand changed and people were using the Microplane to zest citrus into marinades for pork tenderloin instead of purchasing it for, well, whatever it is that people do with wood. Moral of the story: we foodies are innovative people - think outside of the box, folks!

Fluffy, nutty, perfect parmesan

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