About Me

     I started this blog for several reasons and with several goals in mind, which I hope to accomplish to at least an adequate degree.  I'm in my second year of law school and I wanted to start the blog as one tool to ensure that I didn't continue having a one-track mind.  It's easy to let school be all-consuming, but I wanted to have other hobbies and interests to develop other parts of myself.  I think it's important, at least for myself, to be multi-dimensional and have as many good things going as possible. The blog has definitely encouraged me to try new things, think outside the box and to take note of the ingredients I am using.  

It doesn't take good photography skills to snap a good picture of
the law school rotunda - gorgeous, yes?

     I have a wonderful boyfriend, whom I have been dating for almost four years.  We had the same major in undergrad and met in class - though I noticed him first.  Our professor called on him and I remember thinking, "Wow, that guy is really smart," but I didn't look to the back of the room (his preferred place).  A couple of days later in a different class he got stuck in the front row, and I got a look at him.  I was shy and tried to chat him up in class, but I played it too cool. Thankfully we had a mutual friend and I got enough chances to climb out of my shell and get his attention. And the rest is history :)

     I have a wonderful family back in Colorado and I miss them very much. I wish when I was a teenager I had known how wise and wonderful my mother is.  My father and I share a sense of humor and a nose, among many other things.  My little sister and I definitely don't share a nose, but if look below the surface the resemblance in personalities is there.