Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meatless Monday and the Importance of Planning

     This week was my second Meatless Monday and I am sorry to say that it wasn't entirely successful.  Saturday was my birthday and I went to Colorado for a few days to celebrate with Leon, friends and family.  It was wonderful and definitely difficult to leave. I got back to Florida on Sunday evening and definitely had some catching up to do, which meant no time to go to the grocery store.  For breakfast I had coffee and a Kashi bar.  Then I had one of my favorite meatless lunches: green beans with slivered almonds, a little fresh grated parmesan and an egg (over easy is my fave).

Sorry for the bad picture quality, but it is delish!

     Unfortunately, by the evening I was stressed, headed over to the library for a long evening and finding my fridge lacking in anything very quick.  For dinner I had a gyro (with lamb, of course).  A little better planning on my part would have helped. How do you insure a well-stocked fridge? Do you write down all of your meals for the week before going to the store?  

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