Saturday, February 26, 2011

Award and Stylish Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Life has been a little stressful here the last couple of weeks. I've been pretty busy with school stuff, especially doing research for a large paper I'm writing this semester. I feel badly that I haven't been updating more often and I'm going to try and work on it! I thought that this would be a great study break. My friend Cassie over at Confession of an Average American Mommy gave me the Stylish Blogger Award (Thanks you!). The catch of getting the award is that I must write seven things about myself, so here goes nothin':

  • I love Tina Fey. Like, a lot. She's definitely one of my 'strong, independent woman' role models and I have a lot of respect for her. On a less serious note, I also have a picture of Ms. Fey in my bathroom. I had an extra picture frame and nothing to fill it, so I started looking in some magazines for a nice picture to fill it until I found something better. I found plenty of artsy things, but then I saw an advertisement with Tina Fey on a camel. I mean, what could possibly top that? It initially started out as a joke, but now there's no way I can take her down. So, until further notice Tina Fey watches me pee. And there's something priceless about the moment when someone walks out of my bathroom and says, "Is that a picture of Tina Fey on a camel?"
Isn't this stately?

  • I love bubble baths. Nothing is quite as relaxing for me as lighting a candle, soaking in a warm tub with nice perfumed bubble bath, reading a magazine and sipping on a beer or glass of Riesling. I seriously suggest you try it.
  • I'm too hard on myself a lot of the time, and I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of you ladies are too. It's good to want to be the best, but try not to tear yourself down too much while you're working on it - whatever "it" is. When you're feeling a little too wrapped up in your faults, try to remember all of the awesome things about yourself.
  • I hate when my friends from back home assume that I spend my days hanging out beachside. Tallahassee is in the panhandle area and about two hours away from a decent beach.
  • I've never been outside of the United States. I have always had a really deep desire to travel abroad, but it hasn't quite worked out yet. One of my great fears is that I'll never get to see as many things around the world as I want to.
  • I'm not super neat. I love having a clean, perfect living space; however, the clutter always resurfaces pretty fast. I recently read that you should devote fifteen minutes a day to tidying up and I really want to strive to do that. I know for some of you that's probably instinctual, but I have a bad habit of letting things get a little too cluttered before I start trying to tidy up.
  • I like thinking about my smart vs. dumb characteristics for the humor value of how they cancel each other out. Example: I like to stay informed about current events and read the news most days. I also like to read National Geographic, New York Times magazine and The Economist. However, I can also tell you very detailed information about the most recent seasons of The Real Housewives and Beverly Hills and Teen Mom (...and Teen Mom 2).

Speaking of stylish, check out this Watermelon Cucumber Salad! I know this isn't something that everyone will want to try, but if it piques your interest then you should definitely give it a shot! I got a pretty good watermelon the other day, but this is definitely something that will only be more delicious as the warmer months come on. It's already in the low 80s around here, so I'm already getting into a summer state of mind.

Watermelon Cucumber Salad

You can make as much or as little of this as you want. I made a good sized plate of it for myself for dinner a few days ago, but you could do a larger scale version. All you need is equal parts of diced watermelon (seedless preferred) and peeled, seeded, diced cucumber. Toss the two with very thinly sliced red onion. Whisk together some lemon juice and olive oil (about a 3:1 ratio with the size varying depending on how much you want to use. After combining those ingredients, top with feta or goat cheese and sprinkle with fine sea salt. It's delicious, healthy and refreshing. I promise.


  1. So, I love anything with watermelon in it. Must try that salad.

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the Stylish Blogger Award!! I like to save up my 15 min a day for a special weekend once a month when I decide to clean house to avoid looking like a hoarder.

  2. It's quite refreshing. HAHAHAHA...yeah, I think we have the same cleaning method! My apartment is looking pretty bleak right now, I may be moving toward hoarder status.

    Also, I'm supposed to give this award to someone. I choose you, because your blog is very amusing and I think you'll have seven very funny things :)
    (OH, and you're stylish!)