Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Savannah-rama, Part 3

Ok, apparently blogger just cannot contain all the photos I want to post. This is nice though, I'm getting to reminisce about my vacation and forget about all the stressful things I'm currently working on. Savannah really was gorgeous though. The trees and flowers there are pretty much the same thing you see in Tallahassee, but we definitely lack the old-Timey charm. We probably bull dozed down all of the old houses to make way for our heinous, phallic capital building.

This old synagogue is the student center for the
Savannah College of Art and Design. They own a
bunch of gorgeous buildings around town and I'm super
jealous that they get to hang out in gorgeous buildings like this.

Savannah has a really active port and we saw this
cargo freighter, it's huge! Suddenly I understand why
customs doesn't quite make it through everything shipped into this country.


The buildings on River Street.

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