Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} how often do you do laundry?
I do laundry on a pretty shamefully infrequent basis. We don't have our own
washer and dryer and the ones at the apartment are crappy and expensive,
so there aren't a lot of incentives, haha.

{two} what is your favorite type of cookie?
Chocolate chip

{three} what would you do with an extra $2000 per month?
Probably start saving up for when I have to start paying back
those pesky student loans, save up for my eventual wedding and a down payment
for out first house.

{four} what was/is your favorite subject in school?
In High School I loved Journalism, English, Social Studies and
Government classes. In undergrad I always loved my Political Science and
Philosophy classes. I've enjoyed my Constitutional Law and Criminal Law classes
during law school.

{five} have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
No, I don't know if I would have the guts to do it or not.

{six} what was your high school mascot?
The Badgers for my first year and the Panthers for the rest.

{seven} if you had the chance to go into space, would you?
Probably not, but I may think about it if space travel became extremely safe.

{eight} how often do you go dancing?
I don't, unless Zumba counts :)

{nine} would you rather drive or fly?
Drive for a short trip, fly for a longer one. More than five hours
in a car makes me antsy.

{ten} have you ever been caught re-gifting?
Thankfully not! I've probably only done it once
or twice, but only for secret santa. How often does anyone
actually like a secret santa gift anyway?

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