Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Super Belated Birthday Post

So, I had a really awesome birthday, which I meant to blog about. Leon and and I somewhat spontaneously went to Atlanta for the weekend and it was a very welcome change of scenery. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Our main activities were the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Georgia Aquarium, both of which were amazing. I took a ridiculous amount of photos, so trimming it down to the favorites is difficult. I took 500 pictures at the botanical garden alone, which filled up my memory card and meant going back and selectively deleting quite a few pictures to take more. Being away from my family on holidays and my birthday is especially difficult, but getting out of town and having some alone time with Leon made for a very special day.
I have, in the past, claimed that Tallahassee is basically
southern Georgia. Fairly quickly into our expedition,
I realized that this isn't true. There was a very southern feel,
and tons of cotton, which was really cool!

These vibrant jellyfish were almost too amazing for words.
The whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium -
these things are absolutely huge. So cool.

Sea dragons - a relative of the sea horse. Leon and I are still
trying to decide whether these were real or not.

Another shot of the whale shark
The longest escalator EVER. Probably only
interesting to me.
Hilarious sign at the Atlanta lightrail. We really appreciated that
vandalizing and assaulting the employees had to be
specifically forbidden.
The amazing water plants at the botanical garden.
I can't wait to go again when more things are in bloom.

I believe this qualifies as an orchid.
I was especially obsessed with the pitcher plants -
seriously, these things look like something out of Alice in Wonderland
or any other host of psychedelic children's programming.
More amazing orchids.
The bees were crazy - I don't think I've seen bumble bees before, they're huge!
They were so fat that sometimes the plants there were resting on would start tipping!
Me, in front of the fountain with a Dale Chihuly sculpture on top. We match!
Like nothing I've ever seen.
The lone ladybug.

Ok, my intention was to pick like five of my favorite photos, but the fifteen or so here are still the
product of major self restraint.


  1. His name is Dale! Hehe. Not Dave. I love him dearly. He's one of my faves! And you can always pick out his sculptures in a crowd!

    Anyway, did you take all these pictures? What the heck kind of camera do you have? They are amazing!! Glad you had such a cool and colorful birthday!!
    xoxo Allie

  2. Gorgeous pics! I never knew you were such a great photographer! Hopefully we'll get to see some more. I'm glad your birthday was so awesome.
    BTW: Love your dress! You are looking great!

  3. Thanks Allie, I don't know how I put down Dave, I know that's wrong! But yes, he has some great stuff. Have you been to the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs? They have a few nice Chihuly pieces!

    Yes, I took all of these pictures. It's actually kind of a new hobby - I bought a used Nikon D80 over the summer because I wanted to try my hand at getting into photography. There are a bunch more pictures posted on facebook, it was a ridiculously photogenic weekend, haha.