Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time flies by

Time goes by so fast that I can hardly reconcile it. I remember summer vacations that lasted an eternity, but now the days seem to pass more quickly than I can keep track of. I don't know if it's the nature of law school or my old age, but I never think "It's only Wednesday?" anymore. Anyhow, I wish I could update more, but I thought a quick capsule of the last week with highlights could be interesting - though maybe just to me.

Last Friday: Went to a Halloween Party. I had the idea of going as Don and Betty Draper of "Mad Men," but it was very last minute and Leon wasn't feeling it. I didn't put up a fight, but then I was curling my hair and saw the pearls I was planning to wear and got kind of bummed out. Leon reluctantly agreed, and I fashioned him a "Don after work" look that only required slacks, an white dress shirt with the top couple buttons undone and an undershirt with lipstick marks that certainly didn't match my shade - very scandalous, very Don Draper. I even brought cupcakes and my apron - a very '60s homemaker move.

We went to a fun Halloween party thrown by one of Leon's old roomies then came home with hopes of catching "The Soup." But the long day caught up with me and I quickly passed out on the couch. I woke up hours later and found that Leon had taken up residence in the living room as well. Apparently he couldn't wake me up and didn't want to ditch me on the couch in case I was disoriented when I woke up. Very sweet, Don definitely wouldn't do that for Betty. I was super disappointed the next day when I realized that we never got a picture of our costumes, but I may go for it again next year and put more effort into the look.

Saturday: Caught up on the Halloween episode of "The Office." Pam comes dressed as Popeye's Olive Oil, but Jim didn't dress up and no one knows who she is supposed to be. I express excitement and understanding, because I had the same conversation with Leon about why I couldn't go as Betty alone.

Sunday: I realize that it's actually Halloween, but I feel Halloween-d out and spend the afternoon doing homework in the library.

Tuesday: I experience a little bit of expected depression after spending a great deal of the day keeping up with the Midterm elections.

Wednesday: I decide to be an upstanding law student and spend the late afternoon and early evening in the library with the promise of America's Next Top Model and a glass of wine for my efforts. I felt energized as a left the library, felt a little of that rare Fall spirit as the brisk outside air hit my face, and then felt really annoyed when I realized that the really loud music I was hearing was coming from a concert at the bar behind my apartment. Sigh. Thankfully a little bit of rain got them to wrap up early and I didn't feel overly accosted.

Today: Leon is taking the MPRE tomorrow (the ethics exam you have to complete along with the bar exam to become an attorney) so I have been doing my part by watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and lots of HGTV to keep him from getting distracted :). I also made butternut squash for the first time - recipe to follow.

Days and other items not accounted for were comprised of lots of school stuff so boring that it would make the rest of this look downright interesting.

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